Heavy Haul Service:

When you have heavy, over-dimensional, or wide load equipment that you need to transport on a deadline, choose trishakti Shipping Servics. We are heavy haul brokers and freight forwarding specialists who move what others can’t, including heavy machinery, power generating equipment, and other large and awkwardly-shaped cargo.

Trishakti is a freight shipping service and freight management company offering customized solutions for all shipping, freight, and truck transport needs. Our unmatched ability to successfully manage heavy haul trucking services on a regional and transcontinental scale makes us one of the top logistics, truck transport, and freight companies in the country.

Procuring an Appropriate Trailer: For heavy loads, you will likely need a tractor trailer with at least 7 axles, and you may need an even larger trailer, depending on the weight and size of the equipment being transported.

Permits: The regulations for heavy haul carriers vary from state to state, but wherever you are, you’ll need permits from the appropriate authorities in order to move cargo that exceeds legal load limits. Global Shipping can obtain all the necessary permits for your move.