Rail Linkage:

Rail intermodal is a long-term supply chain solution that can provide door-to-door service and economic value for businesses looking to keep pace with increasing consumer demand.

Due to logistics cost being a major component of national competitiveness, efficient freight transportation by multimodal transport is needed to save transportation cost and time.

Logistics cost is a major component of national competitiveness because of fast-growing freight volume between nations due to continued economic growth and the expansion of trade volume.Transportation cost, which is the largest part of logistics cost, has particular effect on the whole logistics cost.

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A railway carriage carrying goods for transportation is called a freight car. In the U.S. there exists a variety of freight cars including the boxcar, coil car, flatcar, side-dump car, tank car, refrigerator car, lorry, and auto carriers. The main factor in the development of railway shipping is that it has steadily increased its shipping efficiency by continually modernizing its communication networks.