Steve Doring :

Our stevedore foremen, many of whom are experienced former chief officers and captains, arrange loading, stowage, lashing & securing of cargo on board the vessels as well as supervising discharge operations.

We provide the most comprehensive end to end stevedoring, transport and logistics services for ocean going cargoes in regional india.

It is an occupation which involves the cargo operations i.e. loading and unloading of cargoes on ships. It also includes the other various dockside functions.

Ships make money at sea, when it is carrying its cargo between ports, but when it is alongside a port, it is costing money to its owner. Therefore Ports and Terminals need to be efficient to minimise port time, and get the ship back on its journey as soon as possible. The role of stevedoring companies which organise the cargo-handling in port is very important, in this respect as it can make great difference to the profitability of the voyage.

    stevedoring of the following products:
  • Containers
  • Bulk products
  • Grain
  • Refined metals
  • Motor vehicles
  • Project cargo
  • Mineral concentrates